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Annual Reports

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YearResolution #Resolution nameOutcomeStatusSTRATEGIC PRIORITY
2023102023 Resolution: Pausing Bee Imports – packaged and queens from UkraineCARRIEDOPEN
202392023 Resolution: Direct portion of levyDEFEATED
202382023 Resolution: Honey Quality AssuranceCARRIEDOPEN
202372023 Resolution: Review/Improve Programs & Services Provided to Beekeepers by AFSCCARRIEDOPEN
202362023 Resolution: Protecting Canadian Honey Markets both Domestic and ExportCARRIEDOPEN
202352023 Resolution: Establishing a Canadian Database Certification Program for Honey Quality Assurance Using NMR and MSCARRIEDOPEN
202342023 Resolution: Return to Battery Box ShippingCARRIEDOPEN
202332023 Resolution: Establishing a Canadian Honey Promotion and Research AgencyCARRIED OPEN
202322023 Resolution: Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the CAPA role and relationship with the Canadian Commercial Beekeeping Industry and the CFIACARRIEDOPEN
202312023 Resolution: Change the Status of Small Hive Beetle (SHB) from a Reportable Pest to a Non-Reportable PestCARRIEDOPEN
202212022 Resolution: Corridors for Pollinators: Maintaining Roadsides for Pollinators; Establishment, Restoration, Management and MaintenanceCARRIEDOPEN
202222022 Resolution: Transfer of Ag Stream Temporary Foreign Workers Similar to those in the Seasonal Agriculture Workers ProgramCARRIEDOPEN
202282022 Resolution: Commercial Drivers’ Hours of ServiceCARRIEDOPEN
20223Access to Affordable and appropriate Commercial Vehicle InsuranceDEFEATED
20224Dissolve One of the two Alberta Beekeepers Commission (ABC) seats on the Canadian Honey Council (CHC) Board. DEFEATED
20225Financial Support of the Canadian Beekeepers FederationDEFEATED
20226Canadian Honey Council and Canadian Beekeepers Federation CollaborationDEFEATED
20227Farm SafetyDEFEATED
20211Canadian Honey Council to become a member of the Canadian Federation of AgricultureCARRIEDCLOSED
20212Development of a National Collaborative Stock Replacement StrategyCARRIEDCLOSED
20213New Risk Assessment for the importation of bee packages from pre determined/identified areas in the USACARRIEDCLOSED
20214Invest $250,000 Emergency Fund in an ATB Investment Fund. CARRIEDCLOSED
20215Increase the Colony Fee (Service Fee)CARRIEDCLOSED