Annual Reports

Annual Reports

The Alberta Beekeepers Commission’s Annual Report provides information on the organization’s governance, strategy, activities and financial performance over the past year.


2021 Resolutions as voted on at the 2021 ABC AGM held on November 24, 2021:

1. Canadian Honey Council to become a member of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture

  • Whereas, The Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) acts as a unified voice to speak on behalf of Canadian farmers and producers. CFA works as a farmer-funded, national umbrella organization comprising of provincial general farm organizations and national and interprovincial commodity groups. They represent producers of all commodities, who operate farms of all sizes and through their members they represent approximately 200,000 Canadian farm families from coast to coast; and
  • Whereas, The purpose of the CFA is to promote the interests of Canadian agriculture producers, through leadership at the national level, an effective lobby, collaboration with Canadian Agriculture Human Resources Council (CAHRC) and others and to ensure the continued development of a trusted, sustainable, and vibrant agriculture sector in Canada; and
  • Whereas, CFA’s vision is to be the national voice of Canadian producers — committed to enabling their success, which will benefit Canada and the world; and
  • Whereas, The interests and voice of the Canadian Beekeeping industry is absent from the Canadian Federation of Agriculture; therefore,

Be it resolved that the Alberta Beekeepers Commission (ABC) suggest that Canadian Honey Council become a member of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture.


2. Development of a National Collaborative Stock Replacement Strategy.

  • Whereas, Overwintering losses across the country have averaged 26.2% since 2007; and
  • Whereas, Access to packaged bees has been limited since the 1980s; and
  • Whereas, Access to new genetic improvements in bee stock has been limited: and
  • Whereas, To influence Canadian Food Inspection Agency; all provinces, Canadian Honey Council and the Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists need to work together towards a common goal: and
  • Whereas, Transportation of packages from Australia, New Zealand and Chile has become increasingly difficult, precarious, and unreliable; and
  • Whereas, overall genetic improvement of domestic and imported bee stock with a focus on reducing disease, resistance to pests and reducing the industry’s ever increasing overwintering colony losses; therefore

Be it resolved that the Alberta Beekeepers Commission (ABC) request Provincial beekeeping boards, Provincial Apiculturists, the Canadian Association of Provincial Apiculturists and Canadian Honey Council work together (perhaps hiring a consultant to lead the discussions and develop the framework) on the development and implementation of a Collaborative Stock Replacement Strategy


3. New Risk Assessment for the importation of bee packages from pre determined/identified areas in the USA

  • Whereas, The 2013 risk assessment is now approaching 10 years old; and
  • Whereas, The 2013 risk assessment is fraught with errors and incorrect information as determined through independent review; and
  • Whereas, Science and understanding of risks and industry’s ability to manage/mitigate risk has advanced; and
  • Whereas, The importance of alternative sources of bee stock/packages and the option for that stock to be transported by ground when necessary cannot be overstated; and
  • Whereas, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has identified several strategies on how to mitigate the risk when shipping packages, e.g., managing the risk before or after importation ; and
  • Whereas, Strategies to import other livestock species such as cattle across the US border and mitigate disease risks has been managed safely for the past 20 years; therefore

The Alberta Beekeepers Commission (ABC) request that Canadian Honey Council and Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists support/endorse ABC’s request for a new risk assessment.


4. Invest $250,000 Emergency Fund in an ATB Investment Fund.

  • Whereas, The Alberta Beekeepers Commission (ABC) set aside $250,000 for an emergency or shutdown fund in a
    GIC; and
  • Whereas, ABC staff investigated options for re-investing the $250,000 after the GIC matured and found that the
    financial return on a GIC investment is less than the financial return would be if the fund was placed in an
    investment fund; and
  • Whereas, the ABC Board is in favour of such a move, therefore

Be it resolved that the Alberta Beekeepers Commission (ABC) accept the ATB investment proposal to invest the $250k Emergency
Fund in the Compass Conservative Portfolio.


5. Increase the Colony Fee

  • Whereas the Canadian Honey Council is increasing the hive levy from $0.14 to $0.16 effective 2022

Be it resolved that Alberta Beekeepers Commission increase the hive levy from $1.05 to $1.10 to be effective for the 2022-2023 fiscal year.

UPDATED VOTE for this resolution: Beekeepers voted in favor of a motion to postpone the vote for Resolution 5 to increase the colony fee until the 2022 IPM


6. Miticides

  • Whereas there is significant varroa infestation reported by producers across Canada, and
  • Whereas the current controls are failing and no longer as effective as they have been in the past

Alberta Beekeepers Commission request the Canadian Honey Council (CHC) and Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists (CAPA) prioritize ongoing and new research proposals for new synthetic miticides for producers.

UPDATED VOTE for this resolution: Beekeepers voted on a motion to postpone the vote for Resolution 6: Miticides, to the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Workshop 2022.