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Research Projects

Final Report

Researchers: Dr. Shelley Hoover & Dr. Renata Labuschagne

Objective: 1) Provide proof of concept that overwintering queens en masse is feasible in Alberta. 2) Develop prototype management strategies for mass overwintering queens in Alberta. 3) Validate the performance and quality of overwintered new summer-mated queens.

Final Report 

Researchers: Samantha Muirhead, Dr. Renata Labuschagne & Alexandra Panasiuk

Objective: Alberta’s Tech Transfer Program (TTP) and the Government of Alberta’s Bee Health Assurance Team (BHAT) have been proactively working to assess Apivar® efficacy across Alberta. Our goal is to continue randomly screen Varroa mite populations from across the province before treatments are applied in the fall.

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