Alberta bees are soaring.

Keeping Alberta’s honey bees healthy and productive, and our honey pure and natural, is the work of many hands. Keep up-to-date on all the latest information and updates that impact the Alberta beekeeping and honey industry via the ABC blog:

Farm Family Profile: Gull Lake Honey Company Inc.

The Prins Family The Gull Lake Honey Company Near Lacombe, AB  |  Honey & Beeswax Products 1st Generation Beekeepers, but 3rd generation farmers. How did you get into farming? Lorne grew up on a family run grain and pig farm near Lacombe. After high school Lorne pursued a career in industrial construction which ultimately led to...

Alberta Bee News Magazine – August 2022

We’re pleased to share the August 2022 edition of Alberta Bee News Magazine! Read the August 2022 edition of Alberta Bee News Magazine online now by clicking HERE. TO DOWNLOAD, PLEASE CLICK THE DOWNLOAD ICON AT THE TOP LEFT.  

Year of the Beekeeper: The Gull Lake Honey Company Inc.

Owners: Lorne & Alida Prins Location: Gull Lake, Alberta Social info: Facebook Question:      How did you get involved in this sweet industry – what’s your story? Answer: Compared to many of the people reading this we are relatively new to the beekeeping scene. This is our 4th season as a commercial operation and...

How Alberta bees make Canada’s canola industry possible

Bees managed by Alberta beekeepers provide essential pollination services for canola seed production. Canola growers buy $1 billion worth of seed per year to grow this signature crop, whose total economic impact surpasses $25 billion per year. In this special Alberta Beekeepers Commission report, we take you inside the vital relationship between Alberta bees and...