Healthy Honey

Healthy honey bees are essential for beekeeping and for a sustainable society.
Pure, natural Alberta honey is only part of what’s at stake.

Local Alberta Queens now Available for 2022 Season

Revival Queen Bees

We are now selling local queens from Revival Queen Bees and $9 from every purchase made through the TTP store will go towards the Alberta Tech Transfer Program research and extension programs.

LOCAL AB Revival Queens: $45 per queen

First lot available June 13, 2022 (then every week after until August 15)

For more information and to purchase please click here.

Our Beekeepers

We are so proud of these businesses!

These profiles take you inside the day-to-day life and business of Alberta beekeepers, and highlight the care and dedication needed to keep our bees healthy, our honey pure and natural and our way of farming sustainable for generations to come.

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Did you know?

Alberta is the largest honey producer in Canada and the third largest honey producer in North America.


2022 Swarm Catchers

When reporting a swarm please include a photo, details such as address, height (location), as well as contact information (phone and/or email).