Welcome to the Hive Next Door

Even though it’s been part of our diet for 8,000 years, honey is still a mystery to most people. Alberta is the biggest honey producer in Canada, and one of the top five regions in the world, but even here in Alberta people are unaware of the amazing, healthy, unique, and delicious possibilities of this amazing food source.

The Alberta Beekeepers Commission is about to change that with The Hive Next Door. This new initiative aims to highlight the unique properties and benefits of honey, introduce you to local beekeepers and honey producers who sustainably harvest it, and demonstrate some new and exciting ways to take advantage of all the flavour and health possibilities of pure, local, Alberta honey!


Check out these local Honey Producers at a farmers market or farm-gate near you…

Honey in a jar on the table is just the start of what’s possible. Meet an Alberta beekeeper and distiller who work together to offer a unique taste to consumers.

Talk about teamwork. Bee pollination makes today’s canola industry possible, while canola flowers provide the nectar for a tasty, versatile honey.