Alberta Honey Export Catalogue

Alberta’s honey industry is a natural business, and a growing one.

Alberta’s commercial honey producers manage 25 billion bees, representing more than 300,000 colonies, to produce more than 40 million pounds of pure honey each year.

In fact, Alberta is the #1 honey producer in Canada.

The province of Alberta, Canada, is located in western Canada and is renowned for the natural beauty of its varied landscape which includes mountains, glaciers, foothills, lakes, rivers, forests, badlands, wetlands and open prairies. Alberta’s honey bees are nature’s super-pollinators, collecting nectar from our abundant crops and native plants to produce honey that’s expertly and sustainably harvested by our beekeepers.

Alberta Beekeepers Commission supports 175 producers, works with industry to innovate and grow, and funds research to keep our bees healthy and our industry sustainable. This Alberta Honey Export Catalogue proudly features a selection of export ready Alberta honey producers, producing a range of pure Alberta honey and honey related products in both bulk and retail sized containers.

The catalogue is designed specifically for importers, distributors and buyers located throughout Canada and across the globe.

We’re proud of our pure, high quality Alberta honey and we’re committed to supporting the development of valuable export opportunities and promoting the benefits and purity of Alberta honey.

View and download the Alberta Honey Export Catalogue HERE.