Industry Regulations

Industry Regulations and Commission Bylaws

Governance of the Commission

Alberta Beekeepers Commission Plan Regulation

The Alberta Beekeepers Commission Plan Regulation, under the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act establishes the Alberta Beekeepers Commission, defines the regulated product, sets the purpose, administration, and financing of the Plan, and outlines the governance framework and election processes for the board of directors. Download the Alberta Beekeepers Commission Plan Regulation here:

Alberta Beekeepers Commission Regulation

The Alberta Beekeepers Commission Regulation, under the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act, sets out the day-to-day operations of the Alberta Beekeepers Commission. The Regulation describes how the Commission will administer the Alberta Beekeepers Commission Plan and how delegated powers will be used. The Regulation describes service charges, the service charge refund process, and information that the Commission may request from a producer:

Alberta Beekeepers Commission Bylaws


Resolution Policy


Environmental Farm Plan (EFP)

The Alberta Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) is a whole farm environmental assessment tool with the overall goal of education and awareness for producers who participate in the program. The EFP program has evolved over the last number of years to meet the needs of producers across the province. The program work is supported by local technicians who can work directly with producers to help them complete their farm plan and suggest resources and financial programs that may be available assist producers in reaching their environmental goals. With the opportunity of CAP funding arising, a cooperative effort between the Alberta Beekeepers Commission, Alberta Native Bee Council, provincial specialists and apiculturists resulted in the production of a new EFP chapter: Beekeeping. Producers will soon be able to access the newest version of the Environmental Farm Plan containing questions covering disease and pest management, hive site selection, communication, honey house and processing and environmental emergency planning. For more information, please visit:

Farm Safety

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) technical rules specific to the farm and ranch sector came into effect on December 1, 2018. AgSafe Alberta works with and supports farms and ranches of all types and sizes in becoming safer places to live, work and grow up on. From templates to site visits, you will find great resources at: We have also developed a series of OH&S templates and tools designed to support safe farm operations for Alberta honey producers. Click here to access the templates and other relevant OH&S resources and information.

Food Safety

ABC, BeeMaid, and the Saskatchewan Beekeepers Development Commission (SBDC) have pooled resources to acquire the Safe Honey Production Practices (SHPP) 2019 program templates to support the transition from the old Canadian Food Inspection Agency food safety requirements for honey, to the new CFIA requirements in the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR). To learn more about SHPP 2019 , request a copy of the templates, or find out about training for SHPP 2019, please click here.