2023/2024 Public Liability Insurance


In partnership with the Alberta Beekeepers Commission, the Cooperators General insurance Company provides a limited for of business liability to subscribing Eligible Producers.

Confirmation of what is covered:

  • Coverage period: September 1, 2023 to 12.01am September 1, 2024. (premium not pro-rata)
  • The liability policy provided by the Cooperators provides General Liability to active Producers of the Commission but is strictly restricted to the sales of raw and pasteurized honey products only. No sales or manufacturing of honey and related products, such as candies, lip balms, lotions, etc., is covered by this liability policy.
    o This insurance to not provide products liability coverage
    o If you do manufacture honey products, you must obtain an stand alone insurance policy outside of this program
  • Coverage is extended to trade shows and farmers markets if the trade show relates to the producer’s apiary operations and if the producer is negligent, the policy will provide coverage under Liability Coverage for Property and Bodily Injury Damage, subject to Claims to determine at that point.
  • Bee Stings may be covered if it relates to the beekeeping operation and the producer is deemed negligent, the policy will potentially provide coverage under Coverage A: Bodily Injury, subject to Claims to determine at that point
  • Property and equipment owned by the producer is not covered by this insurance program.
  • Bee colonies owned by the producers are not covered by this insurance program.

Prior to insurance coverage being confirmed, please complete this questionnaire with signature and return to the Alberta Beekeepers Commission at


  • $117.00 per year

Premiums to be remitted to The Alberta Beekeepers Commission. (Insurance premiums in Alberta are not subject to GST to sales tax).

Policy Document

Click here to download the full Commercial General Liability Document.

Health Benefits for Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs)

In-province hospital medical insurance for non-Canadian inpatriate employees is offered through People Corporation under the CNLA Hort Protect Program.

This coverage is available for:

  • Employees under the age of 65 whose place of posting within Canada is outside his country of domicile, and
  • Who does not qualify for any Canadian federal and/or provincial health and hospitalization insurance plan, and
  • An accompanying spouse and dependent children of the employee.

Information, fees, and application forms:

With relation to coverage of COVID-19 related health issues, the below information has been provided by People Corporation:

‘With respect to the Inpatriate Insurance coverage for foreign workers, we confirm that COVID-19 related claims would be treated like any other illness, subject to the usual terms and conditions of the policy.  There is no additional exclusion specific to COVID-19.

I have received update/decision that there will be no general communication with regards to COVID-19 from Special Markets Solutions.  As a special risk carrier, we provide customized solutions to the needs of our clients, therefore a large extent of our portfolio is made up of accounts where no two wordings are the same.  Inquiries will be reviewed and responded on a case by case basis.’

For more information, please contact:

Raides Lacsamana
People Corporation
2225 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 1400
Toronto, ON M2J 5C2
416.445.0000 x 5173