Honey Testing Services

Honey Testing Services – Government of Alberta

March 31, 2023

To honey producers having honey tested by Agri-Food Assurance.

Our ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation requires that we have a submission form for all samples received. A submission form may be filled out electronically and sent to AFA.OrganicChemistry@gov.ab.ca or a completed form must accompany samples submitted to our laboratory.

Required information for sample submission:

  1. Submitter Information: Your name/company name, address, postal code, email address, and date sampled. Results will be mailed and emailed to the addresses on the submission form.
  2. Sample Description: your unique sample identification for each sample, e.g. lot#, drum#. Please limit to 50 characters. Sample description on submission form must match the description on sample containers.
  3. Testing Requested/Comments: check off requested tests/include other information if needed.
  4. Authorization Signature and Date.

Note: if you have more than 9 samples, please make another copy of the form and indicate the total number of samples on each form.

Mailing address for samples

Attn: Organic Chemistry Agri-Food Assurance | 8th floor. 6909 – 116 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6H 4P2

All results for each sample will be printed on a single report, unless otherwise requested in the Comments section of the submission form. * Note that results for multiple samples and one analyte only will be in a single report.

Please keep in mind the following points when submitting honey samples for export testing.

  • A minimum of 200 grams of honey for each sample is required to perform the tests and any repeats as required for Honey Quality Package (Japan Export).
  • For any additional test, a minimum of 50 grams of honey is required.
  • One container per sample. We will not prepare composite samples. If you wish to send in a composite sample, all mixing must be done before the sample arrives at the laboratory.
  • Turn-around-time for the testing is a minimum of 10 business days.
  • The suite of tests required for export to Japan includes:
    • sugars (direct [natural] reducing sugar content [as invert], fructose, glucose, sucrose)
    • moisture
    • colour
    • antibiotics: tetracycline; oxytetracycline; chlortetracycline; tylosin; desmycosin (tylosin B)
  • The fee for the Honey Quality Package is $120 per sample. Additional tests are CAD $20 for the first test and CAD $10 for each additional test of the same kind if multiple samples are submitted, payable when you receive the invoice. Do not send payment with your samples.

If you have any questions regarding the above information, please do not hesitate to contact us at AFA.OrganicChemistry@gov.ab.ca.