Alberta beekeepers produce the world’s purest, highest-quality and best-tasting honey and provide essential pollination services too. Today, however, society and beekeepers themselves demand more. Whether you raise bees and harvest honey, or simply enjoy it as a consumer, we all want to ensure that agricultural practices are sustainable for generations to come.

Environmental stewardship and sustainability are at the heart of the work of the Alberta Beekeepers Commission. A recently announced grant will allow us to pursue this goal with focus.

The Environmental Stewardship and Climate Change Group

Improving Energy Efficiency in Alberta’s Commercial Beekeeping Industry project was awarded $140,000.

The project will be the first step to assess energy efficiency and utilization, as well as determine what practical green and traditional energy options exist to improve energy efficiencies on commercial beekeeping operations.

In order to complete the project, we will need a minimum of nine and a maximum of 20 beekeepers around the province to participate. There is NO cost to beekeepers who volunteer to participate, as all costs are covered by the project budget.

Each volunteer participating beekeeping operation will receive a report and recommendations tailored specifically for their beekeeping operation.

An industry summary report based on the individual assessments will be provided to all eligible producers.

The consulting firm will also present the results/findings/ recommendations at the November 2019 Alberta Beekeepers Convention. If you would like to participate in the project and energy assessment, please contact