New Risk Assessment

Summer 2022 CFIA invited the submission of new/current scientific information in regard to the health of and management of honey bee diseases and pests in the United States and Canada.

The Commission in collaboration with US beekeeping organizations and the Canadian Beekeepers Federation prepared and submitted 16 peer reviewed scientific papers in regard to the 4 risks identified in 2014 as well as control program and surveillance information in the US.

Mid August 2023 CFIA announced they would be undertaking a new risk assessment to evaluate the risks associated with the importation of honey bee packages from the United States.

With this announcement CFIA also invited the submission of any new/existing scientific information related to the health of honey bees or control programs in place to control disease agents and pests in Canada or in the United States.

Alberta Beekeepers Commission in collaboration with the American Beekeeping Federation, California State Beekeepers Association, American Honey Producers Association and the Canadian Beekeepers Federation prepared and submitted the following 22 documents to CFIA:

2023 Risks involved in intercontinental bee importsRandy Oliver
Relative risks of intercontinental honey bee imports into CanadaDr. David Tarpy
Buzz'sBees 2022 Mitochondrial DNA testing for Africanized HoneybeeBuzz's Bees
B-Z Bee Pollination Certificate of Quarantine ComplianceB-Z Bee Pollination
Comments on the Canadian boarder closure to US package beesPettis & Associates LLC
Small Hive BeetleDr. Jamie Ellis
Letter from University of California, DavisDr. Elina L. Nino
Rules & Regulations of the State of Georgia: Subject 40-4-1State of Georgia
2023 Certificate of Apiary Health: Wilbanks Apiaries, Georgia USA Georgia Department of Agriculture
Health Certificate to Export Honey Bee Queens Apis Mellifera From the United States of America – Continental to Canada: FORMUnited States Department of Agriculture

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