2022 Resolution

Transfer of Ag Stream Temporary Foreign Workers Similar to those in the Seasonal Agriculture Workers Program



  • WHEREAS producers labour needs can be varied greatly by factors not under their direct control, such as natural disaster, weather and/or disease; and
  • WHEREAS many Alberta Beekeepers use Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs) under the Ag Stream Program from such countries as the Nicaragua, Philippines, etc.; and
  • WHEREAS transfer of such Ag Stream TFWs is extremely difficult, if not impossible within the season under present regulation compared to TFWs under the Seasonal Agriculture Worker Program (SAWP); therefore


The Alberta Beekeepers Commission work with all appropriate parties (provincial & national commodity groups, national agriculture labour organizations) to request Service Canada bring changes to the Ag Stream Program which would allow transfers between approved employers within a time frame similar to those presently enjoyed under the Seasonal Agriculture Worker Program.


The Agriculture Stream was introduced to allow Agriculture Employers access to Temporary Foreign Workers who would not fall under the terms the Seasonal Agriculture Worker Program; country of origin, length of stay, etc. Service Canada has stated on several occasions they would like to bring the two Programs as close as possible. This is an area of glowing difference. Some producers may find themselves short of staff, while others have too many. Under SAWP a transfer can usually take place in less than a month. Under Ag Stream it usually takes several months.

Name of producer submitting resolution: Dave Tharle

Name of person seconding resolution: Jeremy Olthof


An Ag Stream temporary foreign worker can work for a new employer provided the worker agrees.  The employer applies and receives a positive LMIA from Service Canada.  The temporary foreign worker must then apply for a work permit specific to the new employer.  All of the preceding steps must be filled prior to a temporary foreign worker beginning employment with a new employer.