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Peanut Butter Honey PopcornBy JulesThere’s nothing like cozying up with your loved ones under a blanket and watching a movie. Add a sweet and nutty twist to your popcorn for family movie night with this peanut butter honey popcorn recipe. To make sure the honey you’re using is local, check for the maple leaf symbol on the front. As for a movie recommendation? We always love to watch Bee Movie!
Honey Cream LatteBy JulesSkip the sugar packets and add a few teaspoons of honey to your latte instead. On top of the buzz from the espresso, you’ll get the added antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that honey provides.
Honey Lemon and Ricotta pizzaBy JulesCheese and honey are a combination of two foods not often mentioned in the same breath, but there is an undeniably great marriage between the two when paired properly. Soft cheeses like ricotta provide a vegetarian-friendly protein while the honey sweetens the deal with antioxidants and good gut enzymes. You can feel good about making this dish.
Honey Banana BreadBy JulesHoney has a lower glycemic index than sugar, making it an excellent sweetener alternative in baking. The addition of honey in this banana bread will make for a denser, more moist loaf, and adds a distinct flavour and aroma notes depending on the type of honey used. (We recommend a nice Albertan clover honey.) Add crushed walnuts, semi-sweet chocolate chips, or dried fruit if desired.
Dog TreatsBy JulesMake rover roll over with these homemade, easy-to-make, natural dog treats. But try to keep your paws off these ones! This four-ingredient fix has oats packed with fiber, and antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits from the honey to keep your dog happy and healthy.
Honey-Soy Glazed SalmonBy JulesThere are few foods for a get-together between family and friends that impress like a well-prepared salmon. Substitute barbecued steaks for this versatile protein that’s packed with omega-3s and is as easy to prepare as it is nutritious. The sweetness of a fireweed honey complimented by the saltiness of the soy sauce and the acidity of the lime creates a perfect harmony of balanced flavours. Serve with roasted asparagus and a good risotto to blow your dinner guests away.
Honey Chia PuddingBy JulesThis honey chia pudding is a great and healthy way to start your morning. Chia seeds are loaded with fibre, protein, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, and a clover or canola honey adds a touch of sweetness with the added benefit of additional vitamins and micronutrients that white sugar doesn’t provide. Use a variety of fruits for this dish, don’t limit yourself to just berries. Pears, bananas, or apples also pair excellently.
The Bees Knees – Honey Gin CocktailBy JulesThe homemade honey syrup in this easy prohibition-era cocktail gives you the right kind of buzz. The botanical elements of gin combined with the sweet aroma of the honey syrup give this drink a decidedly summer feel. Best enjoyed with friends on a patio.