Hive Side Chat Webinars

Join us for our ‘Hive-side Chat’  where the Alberta Tech Transfer Program (TTP) lead Dr. Renata Labuschagne will cover various topics related to honey bee health, biology, pathology (and more!), through a series of engaging on-line webinars. The Hive-side Chat  will start with a Q&A session where Renata will answer some of your pre-submitted questions, followed by a presentation on the main topic and another Q&A session.

TitleDateYoutube Link
Tropilaelaps Mites with Sam Muirhead March 15, 2024Watch on YouTube
Hospital Yards with Reece Chandler and Rory SmithOctober 25, 2023Watch on YouTube
Mechanisms of resistance to acaricides in Varroa destructor populationsJune 13, 2023Watch on YouTube
Varroa IPM: An overview of oxalic acid treatmentJune 21, 2022Watch on YouTube
Understanding Bee NutritionApril 7, 2021Watch on YouTube
Queen failure: Two years of surveying BC queens and potential causal factorsFebruary 25, 2021Watch on YouTube
Whats the buzz: Queen pesticide exposure during developmentNovember 27, 2020Watch on YouTube
Asian Hornets: What are they, where they are, and what do they do to honeybeesOctober 22, 2020Watch on YouTube
Varroa mites, Varroa-related viruses and miticide treatmentAugust 20, 2020Watch on YouTube
The Basics of Honey Bee BiologyJuly 16, 2020Watch on YouTube

Ask me Anything… and I will try to answer….

Have you observed some interesting behavior in your honey bee colonies, or perhaps have some questions on the best strategy to deal with a particular pest or pathogen? Well the ‘Hive-Side Chat’ webinar series is the perfect opportunity to have your questions answered with the opportunity to pre-submit your questions prior to the event by emailing them directly to Renata at When submitting your questions, please add “ Hive-side chat – Ask me anything” as the subject line.

The Hive-side Chat series is free and all beekeepers are welcome

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