Greidanus Honey-Bee Farm

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Greidanus Honey-Bee Farm



GREIDANUS HONEY BEE FARM in Stettler, Alberta is accepting applications for the 2023 season on a seasonal full-time basis. The following positions need to be filled:

4 APIARY TECHNICIANS (NOC 8431) Full time employment (40+ hrs/week) $17-$18.50/hr depending on experience. Must have minimum 2 years of experience working full time on a commercial honeybee farm. Duties include: woodwork (building bee related equipment), caring for bees in an appropriate manner, coordinating the production of replacement bees and equipment; recognizing, reporting, monitoring hive health issues and applying appropriate treatments/controls. Moving hives as required; harvest, extract and package honey, lead small teams of workers, drive and maintain vehicles, operate and maintain other bee related equipment such as forklifts, conduct bee yard maintenance, general cleaning of working/production areas. Must have a valid driver's license. These positions are from March 15, 2023 thru October 31, 2023.

2 APIARY WORKERS (NOC 8431) Full time (40+ hrs/ week) $15.75 -18/hr depending on experience. Minimum 1 year experience. Duties include: woodwork (building bee related equipment), caring for bees in an appropriate manner, assisting technicians with bees and equipment, assisting with moving bees, assisting with honey harvest, extraction and packaging, assisting with bee yard and equipment maintenance, cleaning of working/production areas. These positions are from April 15, 2023 thru October 31,2023.

2 CASUAL FARM LABOURERS starting @ $16.00 / hr. Duties include: working with cattle, honey bees, farm organization/production, operating farm equipment, and general maintenance of the farm and equipment. These positions are from June 1,2023 thru October 31, 2023. All wages are negotiable based on experience and productivity. All positions may require some night and weekend work. All applicants must be able to work in the presence of bees, be in good physical condition and able to work in a team environment. On farm housing is available.

Resumes: or via mail to: Greidanus Honey Bee Farm c/o 1005271 Alberta LTD, Box 1581, Stettler, Alberta, T0C 2L0.

Last Updated: 2022-12-01