Bees and Bears

Alberta beekeepers produce the world’s purest, highest-quality and best-tasting honey and provide essential pollination services too. Today, however, society and beekeepers themselves demand more. Whether you raise bees and harvest honey, or simply enjoy it as a consumer, we all want to ensure that agricultural practices are sustainable for generations to come.

Environmental stewardship and sustainability are at the heart of the work of the Alberta Beekeepers Commission. Alberta is renowned for the natural beauty of its varied landscape which includes mountains, glaciers, foothills, lakes, rivers, forests, badlands, wetlands and open prairies.

Alberta’s honey bees are nature’s super-pollinators, collecting nectar from our abundant crops and native plants to produce honey that’s expertly and sustainably harvested by our beekeepers. We share the landscape with other valuable native fauna, including black bears and brown bears.

To learn more about the relationship between bees and bears, please check the below fact sheets:

Useful links and bear fence supplier resources:

Helpful videos on best practice to setup an electric fence to exclude bears from a bee yard:



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