WORKER BEE HONEY COMPANY Apiary Manager NOC 0821 Must have a minimum of 5 years experience in a Canadian-style apiary. Able to supervise 10+ people. Able to direct and instruct Apiary Technicians and Apiary Workers in all aspects of beekeeping. $18/h

Apiary Technician NOC 8431 Must have a minimum of 3 years experience in a Canadian-style commercial apiary. Handle, feed & care for honey colonies. Drive & maintain vehicles & forklifts. Must be able to supervise 1-2 people in beekeeping work. Work will be in AB & BC as the bees are all moved to AB for the summer. Accommodation in AB will be provided. Work is physically demanding. Work is 40+ hours per week. Must have a driver's license valid in Canada. $16.50/h + bonus. 8 positions.

Apiary Worker NOC 8431 Must be physically able to work in protective clothing, outdoors and in the sun. Able to pick up & apply concepts quickly. Ability to work quickly. Workers will be required to spend 3-4 months in Alberta as the bees are moved to AB in June & July and return to BC in September. Accommodation will be provided in Alberta. Ability to handle heavy loads, bending, crouching, kneeling. Must have attention to detail. Must have 1 - 6 months experience with bees and can handle being stung and working in the heat. Job will start around December - January melting honey capping’s and preparing equipment for the start of the season. In mid Feb bee work will begin. Must have ability to work long days when required as well as nights when necessary. 16 positions. $15.00/h + bonus.

All Positions start Early 2019.

Worker Bee Honey Company 10609 McGrath Road, Rosedale, BC V0X1X2 Phone 604-794-3315 Fax 604-794-3085.