2020 Queens and Nucs for Sale

The ABC has compiled a 2020 list of beekeepers selling queens and nucs to help beekeepers find local suppliers and help meet local demand. Please download the list here. If you have nucs, bees on brood, and/or hives for sale, please contact Jules Ham at to be added to the list.  

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MEIJER HONEY FARM is looking for applicants for the 2020 season. All positions are F/T on a seasonal basis from Feb 2020 thru Oct 2020.

All Applicants must be able to work in the presence of honeybees. All positions may require some evening, night, and weekend work. All applicants must be in good physical condition and be able to work in a team environment.

9 APIARY TECHNICIANS (NOC 8431) for full time (40+ hrs/wk) employment ($17.00- $22.00/hr depending on experience. Bonuses possible). Must have a minimum of 2 years (seasons) working full time on a Canadian style commercial apiary. Duties include: Caring for honeybee colonies in the appropriate manner. Coordinating the production of replacement bees & equipment. Recognizing, reporting, monitoring hive health issues and applying appropriate - treatment/controls. Harvest & package honey, pollen & beeswax. Supervise small teams of workers. Drive (including std transmission & medium duty trucks) & daily maintain vehicles. Operate & maintain other apiary equipment (including forklifts, chainsaws & pumps). Conduct bee yard maintenance. Maintaining field and/or production records. Monitoring and reporting to management.

5 APIARY WORKERS (NOC 8431) for full time(40+hrs/wk) employment ($15.00-$19.00/ hr depending on experience. Must have minimum of 1 year experience. Bonuses possible) Feb 2020 thru Oct 2020. Duties include: Caring for honeybee colonies in the appropriate manner. Assisting technicians with bees & equipment.Assisting with harvesting honey, pollen & beeswax. Assisting with the bee yard and equipment maintenance.

3 APIARY HARVESTERS (NOC 8431) for full time (40+hrs/wk) starting at $15.00/hr. Duties include: Manual labor of the apiary, harvesting honey and extraction,processing beeswax.

Contact Meijer Honey Farm – 181072 TWPRD 32-4 Box 295, Delia, AB T0J 0W0