1000 Colonies for sale

FOR SALE Commercial beekeeping operation in Sask. selling 1000 colonies at end of 2022 pollination season. Available last week of July (p.s. 3 fields in Bow Island hailed out and colonies AVAILABLE NOW). Double brood chamber, avail with super if required (additional). $450 each for small qty; larger quantities price negotiable. Colonies located Medicine Hat,...

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Queens and Nucs for Sale

The ABC has compiled a list of beekeepers selling queens and nucs to help beekeepers find local suppliers and help meet local demand. Please download the list here. If you have nucs, bees on brood, and/or hives for sale, please contact Jules Ham at to be added to the list.

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Box 181, McLennan




Hicks Honey Farms Ltd. Near McLennan, AB 77405 RR 193A is seeking for the 2022 season, 8 Apiary technicians, NOC 8431.  Applicants should have between 3-5 years experience working in a Canadian style commercial beekeeping operation.  Duties include, helping to feed, treat, split, and monitor spring build up.  Also responsible for helping to prepare hives for harvest, including, adding supers, monitoring hives, and setting up bee locations.  Once harvest begins, applicants should be able to run a crew pulling honey, picking up honey, or extracting.  Applicants will be required to help, feed, treat and prepare bees for winter in the fall.  Work begins February 18, 2022 and goes until November 5, 2022.

Also seeking 9 Apiary workers NOC 8431.  These workers should have 1 year experience working in a Canadian style commercial operation.  Wages will be between $16.50-$18 depending on experience and efficiency.  These applicants will be expected to help technicians with all duties related to beekeeping, including, spring preparation, feeding, treating, harvest preparation, extracting, and fall feeding and winter preparation.  All jobs may have weekend and evening work.  Accomodations available.  There may be some spring and fall work in the similkameen valley in B.C.  Apply to or mail to Hicks Honey Farms Ltd., box 181, McLennan, AB T0H 2L0.

Last updated: 2021-09-29