2023 Resolution

Review/Improve Programs and Services Provided to Beekeepers by Agriculture Financial Services Corporation



  • Whereas…. Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) reviews its products on a rotational basis with programs coming due for a review every 5 years. This helps AFSC to assess the relevance of programs, products and features to ensure that both client and AFSC shareholders, as well as other stakeholder’s needs are being met.
  • Whereas… Alberta Beekeepers continue to have concerns that the current suite of Business Risk Programs are not providing enough assurance to beekeepers
  • Whereas… It is the opinion of Alberta Beekeepers that AFSC currently does not have staff or board members that have knowledge of Alberta’s beekeeping industry either for pollination or honey production or how these two industry activities are affected by drought, smoke, changes in crop varieties or extreme weather.
  • Whereas… in 2020 AFSC developed a formula for beekeepers who contract pollinate so they could access honey insurance – this has yet to be implemented.
  • Whereas… Within the current suite of Business Risk Management programs/insurance – the recognition that honey production and overwintering losses are linked is not recognized/acknowledged.
  • Whereas… Insurance programs that cover losses related to drought on pasture does not extend to bees where honey production drops in relation to nectar flow


ABC ask AFSC undertake a review of its programs, services and programs offered, and clarification of the 2020 report with respect to honey insurance for pollinators and improve skills and training necessary to better serve the Alberta Beekeeping industry


Name of producer submitting resolution: Chris Stewart

Name of person seconding resolution: Mike Paradis