NEW: Buy Carpathian Queens

SOLD-OUT for 2021

Niagara Beeway is introducing Carpathian queen bees to Alberta beekeepers by pledging to donate $6 from every queen purchased via the Alberta Technology Transfer Program to support our research and extension programs.

  • Cost: $45 (+GST) per queen
  • When: 2022.
  • Where: Queen bees can be purchased from ABC (for pick up in Edmonton) or purchased from Worker and Hive (for pick up in Calgary)
  • Payment terms – purchasing from ABC: 50% deposit required prior to order being placed. Purchase queens via our online store here, or send order requests via email to, and you will be invoiced (a 50% deposit is required before your order will be placed – payment can be made by e-transfer to
  • PLEASE NOTE: Your order will only be placed once deposit/payment has been received.
Typical colouring of different individuals of Carpathian Bees

Typical colouring of different individuals of Carpathian Bees

Niagara Beeway worked for five years to obtain a permit to import Carpathian queen bees from the Ukraine to Canada. They are confident that once Alberta beekeepers work with Carpathian queens that they will agree with Niagara Beeway’s description of them as “a winter-hardy premium queen well-suited for the Canadian climate” and that a “high honey yield is a characteristic”.

Participants in this promotion will be helping us gather data on how well Carpathian queens perform in Alberta. The TTP will follow up with all beekeepers who purchase queens through this promotion to collect feedback on the performance and survivorship of the queens.

Alberta needs additional sources for high-quality queen bees – do Carpathian queens fit the bill? Help us find out – and support the TTP at the same time – by purchasing a queen today!

Additional information is available on the Niagara Beeway website.

* The TTP does not endorse Carpathian queens or the supplier.
* Queens Ship At Buyers Risk