1000 Colonies for sale

FOR SALE Commercial beekeeping operation in Sask. selling 1000 colonies at end of 2022 pollination season. Available last week of July (p.s. 3 fields in Bow Island hailed out and colonies AVAILABLE NOW). Double brood chamber, avail with super if required (additional). $450 each for small qty; larger quantities price negotiable. Colonies located Medicine Hat,...

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Queens and Nucs for Sale

The ABC has compiled a list of beekeepers selling queens and nucs to help beekeepers find local suppliers and help meet local demand. Please download the list here. If you have nucs, bees on brood, and/or hives for sale, please contact Jules Ham at to be added to the list.

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Wolfe’s Natural Bee Products Inc


Retirement Sale Packing /Beekeeping Equipment


  • Weigmann Industrial Panel Control Unit  with touch screen Model #SSN4D626012 Built 2015,
  • Cleaver Brooks Steam Boiler Model # PBFS-CDR-CR3-5K,60 HP 15 PSI 8 years old,
  • 1500 CIP Flow Sanitizer  Cherry Burrell corp. UAMS375R serial #152 7.5HP motor, 3 insulated SS compartments. New never hooked up
  • Russel Finnex  Eco filter Mod# EF5020001NV03
  • Alfa laval 130 plate heat exchanger
  • 4000 US gallon Horizontal tank, with mild steel exterior, SS interior,vertical agitation, 12 sq ft coldwall heating/cooling surface
  • Cold water set Tank
  • SS honey/dairy creamers
  • Custom Made 8 barrel honey melter
  • Cook and Beals spin float with DC variable speed drive
  • 45ft shipping container
  • 1991 Cowen 128 frame air ram extracting line with deboxer
  • 1996 Cowen 128 frame air ram extracting line with deboxer
  • Nita Synerg XP200T labeller
  • King 60g 6.5 HP air compressor
  • 60g 5 HP BE air compressor
  • Little David box taper

Tony Lalonde wax melter,  pollen patties, smokers,pollen traps, bottom boards, lids,Fumagillan,oxycilic acid vaporizer, 736 deisel Bobcat and trailer, honey supers, honeycomb boxes/Honeycomb business, frame feeders, queen excluders,Brood chambers, wooden 5 frame nuc boxes, 5 frame Styrofoam nucs, honey barrel scale weighs up to 2000 lbs,Cook and Beals small honey creamer, Queen incubator, bear fences, misc jars and lids, 2 bedroom house in Girouxville and much more.

For more info and picture text or email Karen 780-837-1743