Wolfe’s Natural Bee Products Inc


Retirement Sale Packing /Beekeeping Equipment


For Sale

  • Weigmann Industrial Panel Control Unit  with touch screen Model #SSN4D626012 Built 2015,
  • Cleaver Brooks Steam Boiler Model # PBFS-CDR-CR3-5K,60 HP 15 PSI 8 years old,
  • 1500 CIP Flow Sanitizer  Cherry Burrell corp. UAMS375R serial #152 7.5HP motor, 3 insulated SS compartments. New never hooked up
  • Russel Finnex  Eco filter Mod# EF5020001NV03
  • Alfa laval 130 plate heat exchanger
  • 4000 US gallon Horizontal tank, with mild steel exterior, SS interior,vertical agitation, 12 sq ft coldwall heating/cooling surface
  • Cold water set Tank
  • SS honey/dairy creamers
  • Custom Made 8 barrel honey melter
  • Cook and Beals spin float with DC variable speed drive
  • 45ft shipping container
  • 1991 Cowen 128 frame air ram extracting line with deboxer
  • 1996 Cowen 128 frame air ram extracting line with deboxer
  • Nita Synerg XP200T labeller
  • King 60g 6.5 HP air compressor
  • 60g 5 HP BE air compressor
  • Little David box taper

Tony Lalonde wax melter,  pollen patties, smokers,pollen traps, bottom boards, lids,Fumagillan,oxycilic acid vaporizer, 736 deisel Bobcat and trailer, honey supers, honeycomb boxes/Honeycomb business, frame feeders, queen excluders,Brood chambers, wooden 5 frame nuc boxes, 5 frame Styrofoam nucs, honey barrel scale weighs up to 2000 lbs,Cook and Beals small honey creamer, Queen incubator, bear fences, misc jars and lids, 2 bedroom house in Girouxville and much more.

For more info and picture text or email Karen 780-837-1743