Equipment for sale

Moondance Honey Inc. has the following equipment for sale: 1000+ 3/4 size supers - $25/ea, by the pallet (48 boxes) $22/ea, buy them all $20 ea. Paradise 500 Wax Press - $10,000 obo Cowen-style  (Amyotte) wax spinner $2200 obo Stainless steel (milk) tank - 8 barrel capacity $1000. All equipment listed above is located near...

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2020 Queens and Nucs for Sale

The ABC has compiled a 2020 list of beekeepers selling queens and nucs to help beekeepers find local suppliers and help meet local demand. Please download the list here. If you have nucs, bees on brood, and/or hives for sale, please contact Jules Ham at to be added to the list.  

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Queens and nucleus colonies for sale

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Queens and nucleus colonies for sale


For Sale

All 4 and 5 frame nucleus colonies available for sale are headed by late summer 2019 Saskatchewan-mated queens.

Nucs available middle to end of May. Orders above 300 nucs can be fulfilled at the beginning of May. BC queens grafted and mated from our hardy Saskatchewan stock, available beginning of May. We do not fall feed our production hives, have not treated for Nosema in 25+ years, and value only the toughest of lineages.

For more information and to learn about our breeding philosophy please visit