Alberta Beekeepers Commission

2023 Nuc & Queen Sales List


For Sale

Please find below a list of Alberta beekeepers selling nucs and queens for the 2023 season.

Selling NucsSelling QueensAdditional Info (stock, timing, qty avail, price etc.)LocationBusiness NameContact Name/Details
YesYesBrazeau CountyButz ApiariesVivian Butz Huryn
YesNoSelling for $325 . 5x2 overwintered nucs.Parkland CountyAndrew Currington
YesNoNucs and/or full hives. Some availability left for May, June open as well. Nucs $330/ea.Fraser ValleyGolden Ears Apiaries Inc.Jean-Marc Le Dorze
YesYesLocally raised queens from Beaverlodge stock with attention paid to VSH, Honey production, gentleness and overwintering.
Nucs and queens available Mid June to Late August. Cells from last week in May to the end of July.
BeaverlodgeNeil AshworthNeil Ashworth

Only members of the Commission (Eligible Producers) in good standing are eligible to advertise nucs and queens for sale on this list. If you would like to be added to the list, please send your request to

Sale inspection reports may be requested (by the seller) through the Alberta Government Bee Team. For further information please visit:

Disclaimer: The information contained on this list has been provided by the seller. ABC assumes no responsibility for the information provided.  Buyers are solely responsible for conducting their own due diligence.